Hi, I’m Filippos and thank you very much for landing in my personal webpage! I’m a scientist/engineer with a passion about creating data-driven biomaterials science and engineering platforms that aim to overcome scientific challenges with direct societal impact.


Currently, I’m a PostDoc Associate at CBA under the supervision of Prof. Neil Gershenfeld. Check my projects, find out about my ideas and learning adventures and please reach out to me if you would like to collaborate on interesting projects.

In addition to that, I’m the lead engineer for materials data & development for the Materiom platform; a non-profit initiative that aims to provide open source recipes and data on materials made from abundant sources of natural ingredients, like agricultural waste.

Lastly, I enjoy teaching classes at MIT with my most recent activity being both the lead TA for the Nature of Mathematical Modeling class that Neil is teaching every 2 years and an active student as well.